NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti unable to run Just Cause 4 with 60fps on Very High/Max settings in 4K

Just Cause 4 has just been released on the PC and we’ve decided to initially test our EVGA GeForce RTX2080Ti XC Gaming in order to capture some 4K screenshots. For this initial benchmark, we used the latest NVIDIA WHQL drivers (417.22), maxed out every setting to Very High – but disabled anti-aliasing – and the results are not that great.

For starters, you cannot scroll down the graphics settings with your mouse (and no, I’m not kidding here). In order to browse the settings we had to use our arrow keys as there is currently no other way. Not only that, but you can’t go back to the previous menu by hitting ESC (something that is typical in most PC games).

NVIDIA’s most powerful graphics card, the GeForce RTX2080Ti, is unable to offer a constant 60fps on Very High settings in 4K with anti-aliasing disabled. This particular GPU was able to run the first two missions with a minimum of 50fps and an average of 57fps. Not only that, but the game appears unable to take full advantage of the GPU for no apparent reason.

As you may notice in the screenshots accompanying this article, our GPU was used at 91-95%. And to be honest, we were really surprised by this behaviour. Were we that CPU/memory limited that we could not hit a constant 60fps? So we then decided to lower our resolution to 1440p and we noticed a similar GPU behaviour. However, and while the GPU was still being used at 93%, our framerates skyrocketed to 97fps, meaning that we were not CPU or memory limited at all in both 2560×1440 or in 3840×2160.

Just Cause 4 also suffers from some ridiculously awful pop-in issues and shadow glitches. Furthermore, and under certain lighting conditions, the game can look really bad (visually).

But anyway, we’ll talk more about Just Cause 4 in our upcoming PC Performance Analysis. Until then, enjoy the following screenshots!