NVIDIA, AMD and Intel will talk about their next-generation GPUs and APUs in August 2020

It appears that NVIDIA, Intel and AMD will officially reveal their next-generation GPUs and APUs in August 2020. This information comes straight from Hot Chips’ 2020 schedule. According to the schedule, NVIDIA and Intel will talk about their next-gen GPUs. On the other hand, AMD will present its new Ryzen APUs.

Going into more details, NVIDIA will hold a presentation about its upcoming Ampere GPUs. The title of that presentation is “NVIDIA’s Next Generation GPU: Performance and Innovation for GPU Computing”. Now since we’re talking about the Hot Chips 2020 event, my guess is that this presentation will be a bit more technical. Moreover, it may focus on the workstation Ampere GPUs, and not on the consumer/gaming GPUs. So yeah, temper your expectations everyone.

As for AMD, Hot Chips 2020 has a presentation titled “AMD Next-Generation 7nm RyzenTM 4000 APU”. This is a more straight forward presentation and AMD will reveal more details about its APUs during that event.

Do note that this falls in line with what we’ve heard so far. According to earlier rumours, NVIDIA and AMD were planning to announce their next-gen products sometime in September 2020. Unfortunately, though, we don’t have a timeframe (at least an official one) for the Big NAVI GPUs.

Lastly, Intel will talk about the Xe GPU Architecture. From what I know, this will be the first proper presentation of the Xe GPU architecture, so it will be interesting to see how Intel will handle this.

Again, you should temper your expectations regarding these presentations.

Stay tuned for more!