Nuclear Dawn – Massive Update Released

Iceberg Interactive and Interwave Studios released a huge update for their online FPS/RTS shooter, Nuclear Dawn. This update introduces some nice additions, lots of fixes, various weapon balances and a few tweaks to the game’s maps. This patch will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view the entire changelog after the jump.
Nuclear Dawn New Update Changelog:
• Added some extra hints
• Added “_promote_to_commander” console command for plugin authors to promote commanders properly. Please update your plugins to use this as the current method of modifying the send table is causing problems. This command expects 1 argument that is the player index of the player to promote.
• Added team balance system. By default the teams will be balanced at the end of each round. You can modify mp_autoteambalance to change this behavior. 0 = No balancing, 1 = Only balance on end of round (default), 2 = Only balance during the game if there are [mp_unbalance_limit] more players on one team than the other, 3 = Balance throughout the round and at the end of the round. You can also modify mp_autoteambalance_delay to specify the amount of seconds into a round that balancing will occur.
• Added German localization

General Issues
• Fixed the killcam effect when viewed from spectator perspective.
• Fixed the chaingun spin and other blended animation glitches in spectate mode.
• Fixed the flamethrower, blowtorch and other muzzle particle positions in spectate mode.
• Fixed the camera bobbing effect on the weapon and interface from spectate perspective.
• Fixed the spectator camera getting stuck on round end cam at the start of a new round.
• Fixed the sniper scope overlay from spectate perspective.
• Further optimised the poison and radiation cloud particle effects.
• Fixed the iron sight hint showing up, and registering the lesson with the game instructor.
• Fixed the class special ability showing up and being registered with the game instructor.
• Fixed the MP7 sight to be in the proper lowered position (now with illuminated markers!)
• Fixed sprinting after reloading the Avenger causing the reload to fail.
• Fixed Empire power lasers showing to the Consortium when an Empire structure is shrouded.
• Fixed a few issues with the spawn selection after changing teams.
• Added more space between the spawn gates in all the maps to avoid both taken out by one EMP grenade
• Fixed grenades not colliding with some structures
• Grenades now emit a bounce sound
• Ringing sound removed from being near explosions.
• Improved grenade physics
• Fixed grenade launcher grenades disappearing when fired at certain angles.
User Interface
• Added a list of developer and contributor credits to the game, visible when you click the InterWave logo at the bottom center of the main menu.
• Fixed missing soldier icon for control groups 6 through 0.
• Balanced the Avenger against the F2000’s ROF.
• Siege weapon gizmos should now be functional again.
• Stabilizer gizmos should now behave as intended across all weapons.
• Made a pass of balance tweaks to each pair of automatic bullet weapons.
• Reduced the E.M.P effect radius from 400 units to 325, to reduce the number of affected buildings and units per grenade and to encourage better aiming with each throw.
• Reduced the general EMP effect time from 25/10 to 18/3 (max/min)
• Command Bunkers are now EMP-proof, and cannot be shut down
• Clocktower
• Fixed framedrop in the underground area
• Added a hole in the Empire spawn building so you need less relays at the start
• Replaced some cover pieces with much taller versions so you can hide Empire power relays better
• Created a more Empire favoured entrance to the Primary building and sealed off one of the Consortium ones
• Blocked the Consortium being able to build inside the warehouse outside their spawn to make things more balanced (The empire are unable to build inside their equivalent building)
• Switched the team victory cameras round to show the correct ones
• Blocked some visual errors relating to the water
• Made it so you can no longer swim in the dam water (its now too shallow so you should just walk)
• Fixed commanders able to build in the primary resource pit
• Added additional no-build areas in the primary area
• Adjusted no-build areas in the metro station, to fix commanders building in the underground area
• Fixed players getting stuck on the primary console in the bunker
• Fixed a few small issues throughout the map
• Added roof for the glass shield on the Empire side to make the base less exposed for EMP grenades
• Moved a few props around to smooth out player movement
• Fixed a few small issues throughout the map