No Man’s Sky Visions update leaked information and trailer; will feature visual enhancements

It appears that the first details and the trailer for No Man’s Sky’s next update, Visions, have been leaked online. According to Hello Games, Visions will bring new worlds, new base parts, new precious materials, new emotes and new fauna.

Moreover, No Man’s Sky Visions will bring improved color pallette, visual enhancements including skies and atmospherics, harsher environments, rainbows and more.

We don’t know when this update will be made available but you can watch the leaked trailer below. We’ve also included below all the improvements/additions that will be coming with this update (thanks Resetera).


No Man’s Sky Visions Key Features

  • “New worlds”
  • Improved color pallette
  • Alien artifact collection
  • Crashed freighters are now procedural. Can be ‘raided’
  • Rainbows
  • New fauna
  • Salvagable alien scrap
  • 5x the planetary biomes
  • Corrupt sentinel drones
  • Archeology. Digging up rare alien skeletal remains
  • New emotes
  • Global community missions
  • Visual enhancements including skies and atmospherics
  • New precious materials
  • Harsher environments
  • Fireworks
  • New base parts
  • More to come
No Man's Sky Visions