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MKP Revitalized 2 is a new great free Mortal Kombat Mugen game that is available for download

MKA has released a brand new version of his Mortal Kombat Mugen game, MKP Revitalized. MKP Revitalized 2 features 54 fighters from all the classic Mortal Kombat fighting games, including some characters that appeared in other Mortal Kombat games, like MK Sub-Zero Mythologies, and rumoured characters from the old 2D MK games.

MKP Revitalized 2 features new moves, stages, and fatalities, as well as new stage fatalities. Not only that, but the game actually plays great and is on par with the gameplay of the original 2D Mortal Kombat games. As such, we strongly suggest downloading it in case you are die-hard MK fans.

Those interested can download MKP Revitalized 2 from here. MKA has also included an add-on file that consists of dead ideas such as an alternative select screen, extra slots for the select screen, and more.

We’ve embedded below two videos; one showcasing the game and one showing all the stage fatalities.

Have fun everyone!

MKP Revitalized 2 RELEASE with download link

MKP Revitalized 2 PREVIEW #1 - Stage Fatality Demonstration