Nightwolf: Survive the Megadome, vehicular battler inspired by Twisted Metal & Vigilante 8, is now available on Steam

CyberPho, an indie studio composed of industry mainstays, announced the launch of Nightwolf: Survive the Megadome. Nightwolf: Survive the Megadome is described as a high-tech cyberpunk tribute to classic vehicular battlers such as Twisted Metal, Rogue Trip or Vigilante 8.

Radek Smektala, the game’s producer, said:

“With Nightwolf, our prime directive was to create the kind of game we miss playing. We weren’t interested in reinventing the wheel, focusing instead on recreating the kind of unbridled fun that we first experienced playing fifth and sixth gen console games, back when things like GaaS and loot boxes didn’t really exist.”

In Nightwolf, players become motorized gladiators fighting bizarre enemies across 6 levels of intense arcade action. With synthwave soundtrack, roguelite elements, immaculate level design, numerous weapons and multiple endings, the game promises to offer hours of retro-futuristic fun.

In order to celebrate this announcement, CyberPho has also released the game’s launch trailer that you can find below!

Nightwolf: Survive the Megadome full release trailer