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NieR: Automata’s sales reached 5.5 million copies

Back on December we informed you about the sales of NieR: Automata reaching 5 million units. Now after a few months NieR: Automata has sold over 5.5 million copies worldwide on all platforms.

NieR: Automa released in 2017, and after all this time it’s still selling large quantities of copies. The game was exceptionally good, but also had, and still has many problems. All of these problems didn’t get fixed, and the game never received any major updates.

Nonetheless, the game is being considered as a huge success for Square Enix, unlike the disappointing Marvel’s Avengers. The next NieR title is scheduled for release in April this year. Hopefully, NieR Replicant will not be treated in the same way, and will be supported as necessary.

Thanks GamingBolt.

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