Next-Generation Radeon Graphics Cards Plans Reaffirmed For This Year

It was about time. Although the gaming industry is literally stuck with current generation consoles, AMD (and supposedly Nvidia) still plans to release this year their next-generation graphics. And it comes as no surprise that Advanced Micro Devices confirmed on Tuesday at its AMD Fusion Development Summit a new breed of GPUs is coming later this year.
Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager of AMD products group said:
“In a couple of days you are going to hear about our exciting new graphics architecture that will be coming out later this year and will be utilized by our future APUs.”
On the other hand – from what we’ve heard and according to XBitLabs – Eric Demers, AMD’s corporate vice president, will present during his keynotes at the Fusion Development Summit an overview of the next generation of AMD’s cores that are currently under development.
If anything goes according to AMD’s plan, the company will release their next-generation graphics cards that will be the first that are on 28nm.
We can’t wait till we get more information about these cards and here is hoping that Nvidia will follow AMD’s route.