New version of jmx777’s Prey mod adds new graphics settings, more blood, missing shadows & effects

Our reader ‘jmx777’ has released a new version of his amazing PREY mod. This new version adds more blood and gibs. As such, the blood from Thypons and Humans will spread more and remain on screen. Furthermore, tiny death gibs meshes of Typhons will remain on screen.

In addition, this new version of “Real Lights plus Ultra Graphics” adds light effects to wrench when hitting on screens, fine tunes and improves the in-engine Ambient Occlusion, and adds physics to a number of objects.

What’s also great here is that jmx777 has introduced some new graphics settings under the “Advanced Video Settings” section. Players can now adjust the quality of sharpness, and enable/disable Chromatic Aberration, Film Grain, TSAA and Supersampling 2×2. At the moment, these settings need to be set every time the game loads.

Jmx777 has also introduced some effects that were missing from the vanilla version and enabled shadows for missing exterior vistas elements. Moreover, this new version of his mod expands view distance for several types of sparks.

The modder has also shared the following screenshots in order to showcase the differences between the tweaked AO and the vanilla one. The vanilla AO is on the left, whereas the tweaked is on the right.

Those interested can download the mod from here!