New trailer for the upcoming physics-based side-scrolling indie game, Stained

RealAxis Software, an indie game developer from Bangalore, India, has just launched a new trailer for Stained, an upcoming side-scrolling, platforming and action game. Set in an ancient, mysterious castle featuring detailed 3D environments and a continually changing game world, Stained will be released worldwide in early 2012 for PC.
Stained is a mystery woven around visuals, sound and an exciting gameplay experience. The setting – a supernatural, giant, sprawling castle, in an unknown, uninhabited planet devoid of life for untold centuries with an evil lurking inside which has a deeply rooted need to protect itself from any intruders. If anyone breaks its precious things, like its stained glass windows, the castle turns against him. The shattered pieces come alive; forming monstrosities with an only aim – ‘TO KILL’.
The player starts as a creature clad in black robes, wielding a mean-looking scythe – no goals, no motivations. As the player traverses the castle, a King’s Journal guides him through, showing scenes that tell the story of the war of the castle and reveals its dark history. The player also discovers strong hints that an invaluable secret of some kind is hidden inside the castle. Tasked with reaching this mysterious ‘inner chamber’, the journey through the castle is one of exploration, of interpreting the remains of the castle, of uncovering the mystery for oneself.
Stained was developed entirely using open-source software. Modelling and level design was done in Blender, the graphics are powered by OGRE, and the Bullet drives the physics engine. The combination results in scintillating gameplay and visuals.
Stained First Look Trailer