New Serious Sam 3: BFE Update comes with Global illumination fixes and additional animations

Croteam has released a new update for their amazing first-person “kill_everything_that_is_in_front_of_you” game, Serious Sam 3: BFE. This new update comes with fixes to the game’s Global illumination lighting and the addition of various animations for Sam himself, as well as some other fixes. The update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view its entire changelog after the jump. Enjoy!
Serious Sam 3: BFE Update Changelog:
o Dedicated server now works on Linux. It can be downloaded using HLDSUpdateTool for Linux, using gamename “serioussam3-linux”.
o SeriousEditor can now natively import and export meshes in Wavefront .obj format. You may need to reset the Common toolbar in mesh editor to see the new buttons for it.
o Various fixes and improvements in script edit control in SeriousEditor: added scrollbar, fixed scrolling errors, fixed rare crashes in undo/redo, better assignment of variable on drag&drop of entity from world, some other small fixes.
o Fixed severe visual errors on GI baking that happened when models had compressed normals.
o Fixed rare server crashes caused by malformed RPC messages from client.
o When server has problems executing an RPC, client ID and name are output to log, and the client is disconnected to prevent further damage. If client cannot execute receives an exception when trying to execute an RPC, it will disconnect from the server.
o Fixed some minor issues in menus when rendering for stereoscopic display.
o Fixed problems with some shaders not being rendered correctly under OpenGL.
o Fixed Chinese and Japanese versions of Kanji characters mixing up in some cases. Now Japanese glyphs have precedence when using Japanese locale, and Chinese glyhps when using Chinese locale.
o Fixed an issue causing snapping instead of smooth transition between fire animations on player model in some cases.
o Character animation selection system was changed to facilitate more complex combinations of legs and torso animations.
o Fixed an issue causing scaffolding pole to remain on third person player model when switching weapons or performing melee while scaffolding pole is equipped.
o Created new jump animations for player character.
o Created some more player animations for swimming/diving while carrying explosives or sledgehammer.
o Added support for Raw Input for mouse and keyboard, enabled with inp_bRawInput. This should give more precision in mouse reading, for those who want every micrometer of aiming accuracy.