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New PvE operation Hydra is now available as a free update to Warface

MY.GAMES has announced the release of a new PvE operation “Hydra” for the game’s PC version, available now as a free update to celebrate Christmas holidays. According to the press release, the “Hydra” operation features new gameplay mechanics.

Below you can find the key features of the Hydra Update:

  • Unlike other special Operations, “Hydra” requires a team of three players. This makes the gaming experience more diverse and more interesting, as players have to compose new combinations of existing characters to find the most effective way to fight back the enemy.
  • “Hydra” employs a fundamentally new Special Operation mechanic where the reward depends on the number of repelled enemy waves
  • The Update adds a unique series of “Hydra” weapons to the game. It includes popular and powerful models with themed looks for each class of characters. “Hydra” weapons can be acquired depending on the success in the operation.

In order to celebrate this announcement, the team has released a brand new trailer that you can find below.

Last but not least, Steam will download this free update the next time you launch its client.

Have fun!

[PC] Warface: Operation "Hydra" - Now in game!