New ORION: Dino Beatdown Update features Weapon Dropping, X360 Controller & Dedicated Server Support

Spiral Game Studios has released a new update for their multiplaer dino FPS, ORION: Dino Beatdown. According to the team, this is a rather large hotfix which not only fixes a few things but also adds a few new features early including, Weapon Dropping (‘L’ Key), Credit Dropping (‘K’ Key), Xbox 360 Controller Support, Dedicated Server File Support (via Steam Tools) and plenty more. The update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view its entire changelog below. Enjoy!
ORION: Dino Beatdown Update Changelog:
These files are now available via Steam Tools. These will automatically update every time just as your Player Client does.
01 – Fixed bug that resulted in players getting stuck on a mysterious ‘Wave 21’.
02 – Fixed scope staying visible through death.
03 – Fixed hacking audio not stopping.
04 – Added Ability – Weapon Drops (Manual = keybound / Auto = on death).
05 – Added Ability – Credit Drops.
06 – Added Xbox 360 Controller Pad Support.
07 – Added ‘Game Options’.
08 – Added Arrow / Enter and 360 Controller Support to In-Game Menus (not Main Menu yet).
09 – Fixed bug where damage indicators were not displaying.
10 – Hoverbike no longer can push heavier vehicles (vehicle weight hierarchy).
11 – Fixed bug where the ‘Hummer’ Ability Upgrade wasn’t working.
12 – Fixed bug where the Rham would twitch while flying.
13 – Fixed texture issue with Character Class Models and 3rd Person Weapon Models swapping upon switch.
14 – Added a delay between radio commands (fire in the hole!).
15 – Reduced Raptor bite damage and made it more consistent.
16 – Reduced amount of air control while jumping to reduce speed.
17 – Reduced Gladiator Buggy muzzle flash.
18 – Added teammate indicators for Mechs and VTOLs.
19 – Tweaked player exiting Gladiator Buggy locations.
20 – Fixed bug with ‘Tight Pennies’ Achievement not working properly.
21 – Fixed bug with ‘The Wanderer’ Achievement not being given correctly.
22 – HUD Icons and HUD Awareness now available to Spectators.
23 – Added ‘Ammo Remaining’ number to HUD.
24 – Added ‘Connect to IP feature to Server Browser.
25 – Tweaked Rham & T-Rex Collision values.
26 – Fixed issue with the Raptor trying to run through mountains to get to the generators.
27 – Fixed bug with some animations not being replicated to clients.
28 – Fixed bug that resulted players in creating games with port 0 and having no one able to join.
29 – Changed ‘Exit and Save’ and ‘Exit and Continue’ functionality to avoid a crash when changing windows.
30 – Fixed bug with the health number showing an incorrect value when getting into a vehicle.
31 – Fixed Mech Stomp kills not being counted towards the Achievement.
32 – Fixed bug where the Server Browser was displaying the incorrect number of in-game players.
33 – Fixed issue with the audio not being set to the right levels on game start-up.
34 – Made all UI single-click (instead of double-click).
35 – Tweaked Raptor Swarm.