NieR Automata feature

New NieR: Automata mod removes the 60fps cap

Well, you gotta love modders. As we’ve already said, NieR: Automata is locked at 60fps. Now while this is perfectly fine by us (after all, it’s not locked at 30fps), we know that some PC gamers were a bit disappointed by such a thing. Well good news if you are one of them because modder ‘lolisamurai‘ has released a mod that removes the 60fps lock.

According to the modder, this fix does not speed up physics and works fine on Windows 7 (he did not test the mod on other operating systems, so there might be some bugs).

Here is how you can install this new mod (it requires Kaldaien’s FAR mod).

Add the following at the top of your dxgi.ini in your Nier automata folder:

  • Run the game, disable vsync in the options and hope for the best.

Have fun everyone!