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New mod adds high-polygon 3D weapon models to Quake 2

Now here is something really cool. Modder ‘Turic’ has just released the first version of his high-polygon 3D weapon models pack for Quake 2. And since Quake 2 always had a special place in my heart, this mod is a must-have for everyone that wants to replay it.

This high-polygon 3D weapon models pack is compatible with Berserker@quake2, KmQuake and Q2xp. Those interested can download the Berserket@quake2 version from here and the Q2xp version from here.

It’s also worth noting that a new beta version of Quake2xp got released today. This version adds support for Md3 model format, sRGB frame buffer for better gamma-contrast and updates visual effects for loading screen. It also offers better support for the xBox360 controller, as well as for wide-screen monitors.


High-poly quake 2 weapons release