New Miner Wars 2081 Build comes with updated and added features; new screenshots revealed

Keen Software has released a new Miner Wars 2081 build with updated and added features to their last Major Editor Update. According to the company, a bunch of new features and improvements were made to the last major editor update, (provided with the latest free demo of Miner Wars)! You can find bellow a comprehensive list of added functionality and improvements. We should note that the current Test Build is available now, but only for our paying customers; the new public demo is coming in a few weeks. Those interested in trying the public demo can get it from here.
New features:
  • A Solar System Map allows for easier long-distance travels – The Miner Wars universe now consists of real sectors and places. This is part of the first phase of populating Miner Wars universe. We still need to procedurally generate space stations, enemies, etc., but at least you won’t be so alone there!
  • Press the HOME key to access the solar system map for traveling longer distances, or just fly into the sector boundaries to travel from sector to sector, (be careful, you will run out of oxygen and fuel!).
  • Ore detector, (radar upgrade for detection of various ores and minerals).
  • Improved Auto-Updater for faster downloads, enhanced data compression.
  • Editor – Improved snap points (perspective, resizing, selection of multiple prefabs)
  • Editor – Place AI spawn-points and way-points, fight your bots, or make them fight each other, (by placing spawn-points of different factions close to each other).
  • Added several basic functions to foundation factory (a special prefab that servers as the core of your base and allows you to create other prefabs from mined resources).
  • Journal Screen / Quest-Log (overview of guests, global events like political issues, etc.)
  • New 3D models for building prefabs: temple, hospital, church, recycler, hydroponic farm, and biological facility.
  • Minor 3D rendering improvements, increased scene brightness and added glare for light sources
  • Continued optimizations to game engine efficiency.