New major version of Fallout: New California, Fallout: New Vegas fan prequel, available for download

Radian-Helix Media has just released a new major version of its Fallout: New Vegas fan prequel, Fallout New California. According to the release notes, this new version of Fallout: New California automatically patches FalloutNV.exe to 4GB Large Address Aware and implements many many new bug fixes to quests, visual glitches, stability, some performance upgrades.

This new version also totally revamps the meshes and textures with new compression and fixes lots of errors therein, which both reduces crashing and improves the framerate in all but the most intensive scenes. Moreover, many of the empty houses that were previously copy/pasted placeholders have been fleshed out with decoration, lore, and loot.

The team has also fixed the bug that caused Eastern European users to fail to launch, a user error installing the mod with a simple one stop shop EXE that does everything for you, the “Black Screen on Startup” bug that causes the mod to hang forever, and some bugs in the character revision menu.

Those interested can download this new version of Fallout New Vegas from here (do note that while you’ll have to download the whole game this time around, future patches will be significantly smaller).

Have fun everyone!