New Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Beta Test Coming In August 11th

The Just Cause 2 Multiplayer team revealed that they’ll be running a new Multiplayer test for Avalanche’s sandbox game, Just Cause 2. As always, this test is open to all gamers who own Just Cause 2 (and have downloaded the game’s MP mod) and will start on Saturday 6PM AEST (4AM EDT, 1AM PDT, 10AM CET,8AM GMT).
According to the developers, the beta test will run for 48 hours and its latest version will include new Features, such as the addition of a weapon sync, the addition of animation sync, as well as the addition of 2,100 new vehicle spawns. In addition, the team has fixed issue related to respawning, greatly improved player sync and standardised weapon damage across player and agents.
Since this is a mod, those with illegal copies of the game might be able to join the test. However, the JC2 MP team does not encourage such act and will not be bothered with bugs or issues that might be present in those illegal copies of Just Cause 2.
Enjoy the following video from the game’s last MP test, courtesy of Machinima!