New gaming benchmarks revealed for Intel’s Core i7 8700K & 8600K (six games tested)

Lab501 has broken the embargo andĀ leaked some new gaming benchmarks for Intel’s upcoming CPUs, the Intel Core i7 8700K and the Intel Core i7 8600K. Lab501 has tested six games and according to their findings, there is not that big of a performance difference between the 7700K and the 8700K (despite the fact that the 8700K is slightly faster in most cases).

In Titanfall 2, the Intel Core i7 8700K was faster than all CPUs except of the Intel Core i7 7700K. The same can be said about Metro: Last Light, DOOM and Far Cry: Primal. While the i7 8700K was faster that AMD’s offerings, it was able to match the performance of the i7 7700K.

In GTA V and Sleeping Dogs, however, the i7 8700K was able to surpass Intel’s previous-gen CPU by 11fps and 23fps, respectively.

What’s also interesting here is the performance of the i7 8600K. The Intel Core i7 8600K is a six-core CPU that does not support Hyper Threading, and performs as good as the i7 8700K in modern-day games. Naturally, this does not surprise us and falls in line with what we’ve been experiencing. After all, and as we’ve already covered in our PC Performance Analysis articles, most games are still unable to take advantage of more than four CPU cores. Whether this will change in the future remains to be seen.

Lab501 used an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080Ti and ran the games at 1080p. As we’ve already said, we’d like to see reviewers dropping the resolution to 720p (even when using such powerful GPUs) so they can eliminate any possible GPU bottleneck, especially for modern-day games!