Brutal Hexen Emerges – Experience Hexen Like Never Before

Seriously now, I can’t be the only one loving all those 2D classic FPS games. ROTT, Duke Nukem 3D, Doom, Shadow Warrior, Hexen… all of them look surprisingly amazing even to this date. Well, provided you use a third-party program to – slightly – overhaul the game’s graphics. And I’m happy to report today that a Brutal version of Hexen is under way.
What is Brutal Hexen you may ask? Remember the amazing Brutal mod for Doom? If you do, scrap the Doom thing, replace it with Hexen’s WAD and there you go. Brutal Hexen is still in beta stage, but thankfully those interested can download the beta from here.
Created by the talented modder ‘SGtMarkIV’, Brutal Hexen looks so good. I don’t know if this is nostalgia speaking, but damn; this bloody game has a great sense of atmosphere.
Enjoy the following video and kudos to Reddit for spotting it. As a bonus, we’ve also included the Hexen: Edge of Chaos mod for Doom3!
Brutal HeXen - Baratus (Fighter) Alpha Gameplay