New demo released for first-person open-world parkour adventure title, Downward

Caracal Games has released a new demo for Downward. According to the press release, Downward is a first-person open-world parkour adventure set in the medieval ruins of a post-apocalyptic world, in which the player must use parkour to traverse the ruins of the game’s world and find answers to this apocalypse.

Those interested can download this new demo from Steam, and here are the game’s key features:


  • The Earth’s equilibrium has been destroyed. Use the techniques of wall-jumps, wall-runs, climbs, sprints and more to traverse the altered lands and escape from the many dangers you will face.


  • This world is your kaleidoscope. Freely explore and enjoy breathtaking landscapes, reach secret places to collect useful items and hidden treasures.


  • Most of the living have perished, but that doesn’t make the world quiet. Dark enemies will wake from their slumber to end your journey.

Level Up:

  • Acquiring new abilities will allow you to double your jumps, use a metaphysical slingshot, teleport — all transforming the way you see the world.


  • Access a safe world in an astral plane where you can practice parkour and test your might with online leaderboards and weekly contents.


  • Command the sky to influence the environment, affecting both visuals and parkour. Access the Merchant’s Lair to study your enemies, prepare to explore, train and also… lay around.

Have fun!