New Content Update Announced for Forsaken World

Perfect World Entertainment announced ‘Chains of Kluer’, the latest content update for its western, fantasy MMORPG, Forsaken World. This new content promises to feature a battle against the legendary ogre, Kluer, in the new Forgotten Prison dungeon, new events, guild bases that can now be unlocked at level 3, increased level cap to 80, mounted combat and help from your pet.
Clifton Chu, Product Manager for Forsaken World said:
“With this latest Forsaken World update, players will have to go against one of Eyrda’s most celebrated fallen heroes, Kluer. Tragically wiped of his memory, humanity and almost forgotten, Kluer is a violent shadow of his former self. It will now be up to players to take down Kluer in one of the most heart wrenching stories that gives the game its name, Forsaken World, and as heroes, right the wrongs of Eyrda.”
Enjoy the following trailer for this new content and make sure to visit the game’s Official Website!
Forsaken World: Chains of Kluer Trailer