New Chrono Trigger mod removes the blurry filter from sprites, tilesets and worldmap

A few days ago, we informed you about a mod for Chrono Trigger that removed the bilinear filtering from it. However, and even though things got improved, this mod did not remove the filter that was applied to the tilesets and sprites. Thankfully, though, Steam user ‘Speedwagon’ released a new mod that removes that blurry filtering.

As the modder noted, this patch/mod is based on rescaled assets from the Steam version and to bring back the good old pixelly look of the game.

For the character sprites, Speedwagon used the the original sprites that Square Enix had included in the Steam version, untouched and unfiltered. The modder resized them and applied transparency to all of them. For the tilesets, the modder downsized them to their original size to try to “nullify” the filter applied, then rescaled them to the port size with nearest neighbour, to give them their original pixelly look.

Furthermore, this mod has some slight QoL elements, like removing some ‘glitchy‘ buttons that appear in the air and other places and some slight localization typos that appear in the menu.

Unfortunately, this patch does not fix the mismatched tiles that don’t line up properly. While it’s harder now to notice them, they are still there. In order to fix this issue, modder will have to extract the tilesets from the original SNES version and apply them to the Steam version.

Those interested can download the mod from here. Do note that you will need both the CTDefilter and the CTExplore. After you downloaded both tools you need to apply this patch with CTExplore and you’ll be good to go.

Here is hoping that a modder will also find a way to fix the mismatching tilesets!