Never Alone – Beautiful Puzzle Platformer – Is Now Available

E-Line Media today announced the launch of Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna), the first commercial video game based on a U.S. indigenous culture and created by game development veterans in close collaboration with nearly 40 Alaska Native elders, storytellers and community members.

Coinciding with the celebration of Native American Heritage Month, Never Alone delivers a culturally-rich, authentic and fun gameplay experience for a global audience.

The game is available now for digital download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for $14.99 (US), £11.99 (UK) and €14.99 (Europe).

Alan Gershenfeld, president and co-founder of E-Line Media, said:

“Never Alone is a first-of-its-kind video game that reflects the traditions and values of the Alaska Native people while providing great entertainment for players from core gamers and fans of independent games to all members of the family. We believe there is a growing interest in the market for unique game experiences that explore, celebrate and extend global cultures in fresh and vibrant ways. Never Alone marks the beginning of an exciting long-term initiative for us that aims to help pioneer a new genre of “World Games.”

In Never Alone (also known as “Kisima Ingitchuna” in the Alaska Native Inupiaq language), players take on the roles of a young Inupiaq girl and an arctic fox in an atmospheric puzzle platformer that combines traditional stories, settings, and characters that have been handed down over generations by Alaska Native people whose roots and heritage date back millennia.

Featuring imagery and themes drawn directly from Inupiaq and other Alaska Native cultures, Never Alone contains striking visuals that emphasize the sensibilities and perspective of these indigenous Arctic people, and allows players to work cooperatively to succeed in challenging and harsh environments.

Here are the key features of Never Alone:

 • 1- and 2-player modes, both involving cooperative play (in single-player mode, the player can switch between the roles of Nuna and Fox at any time);
•8 engaging chapters that take players across treacherous ice floes, Arctic tundra, underwater ice caves, boreal forests, cliff-built coastal villages, and more;
•Game story, settings, characters and gameplay inspired by traditional Iñupiaq folklore, including the story of Kunuuksaayuka that has been handed down for generations among the Iñupiaq people;
•Encounters with traditional Alaska Native folklore characters such as Manslayer, Sky People, and the Little People;
•In-game narration by a master Iñupiaq storyteller in the spoken Iñupiaq language – a first for a commercial video game;
•Exclusive unlockable video insights into the Iñupiaq way of life, told by Alaska Native elders and youth.