Need for Speed Heat releases on November 8th, will not feature any loot boxes or microtransactions

Following the official reveal of Need for Speed Heat, Ghost Games revealed some additional details about it. For starters, this new NFS game will come out on November 8th. Not only that, but the game will not feature any loot boxes or microtransactions.

Need for Speed Heat sends fans to Palm City, a brand-new open world where street racers have gathered to make their names known. By day, players compete in the Speedhunters Showdown, a sanctioned competition where they earn Bank to customise and upgrade their garage of high-performance cars. At night, players risk it all to build their Rep in underground races where a rogue police task force roams the streets, ready to take racers down and swipe all their earnings.

As Ghost Games stated, the Speed cards from the NFS Payback game are gone. In case you weren’t aware of, Speed cards were the game’s microtransactions system. Moreover, and when questioned about loot boxes, Ghost Games stated that there won’t be any.

“There are no Lootboxes in NFS Heat and there won’t be.”

Now I don’t know if Ghost Games and EA will bring microtransactions for cosmetics or via another method. From what we know so far, there won’t be any in Need for Speed Heat.

The only monetizations that will be coming to the game are post-launch DLCs and a “time-save” pack.

“We plan to have post launch paid-DLC in the form of car packs. Later this year we’ll introduce a time-save pack, which will show all collectables on the map.

That’s it”

Electronic Arts will reveal the first gameplay footage for this new NFS game on August 19th. The gameplay footage will air during the Gamescom 2019 Opening Night Live event!