Namco and From Software in an attempt to kill their own game; Dark Souls PC to be locked on 30fps

A while back, we wrote an editorial about the features that should be included in the PC version of Dark Souls. These features were important – in our opinion – and it seems that Dark Souls PC won’t support any of them. Not only that, but the game is said to be locked on 30fps. Wait what? A third person game that is a pain in the a**, where movement is essential, and will be locked on 30fps?
That was revealed in Famitsu’s interview with Miyazaki. As Miyazaki said, the PC version would be identical with the console versions. A straight port with no change in resolution and he specifically says not to expect 60fps. Oh, and don’t expect any kind of optimizations for the PC. As Miyazaki said:
“Yes, It’s basically a faithful port. There’s no change to the resolution.
The frame rate won’t be 60 FPS.”
We don’t know whether or not Miyazaki is aware of the PC hardware and its capabilities. If he’s not, then the framerate won’t be locked. If he is, which seems to be the case here, then the framerate will be locked indeed on 30fps. Bad move Namco and From Software. Really bad move.
Since there is one hell of confusion about it, Miyazaki was obviously reffering to the game’s assets when he was talking about the resolution. Sure, Dark Souls PC might not support all kinds of aspect ratios, but you’ll be a fool to think that it will be simply locked to a 1280×720 resolution. No, it will have a nice choice of resolutions, that’s for sure. The game even uses GFWL which means that it HAS to support resolutions up to 1080p. Common sense is common sense. However, the game’s textures will remain the same (aka, same resolution as the console versions, which translates to no HD textures). Our biggest gripe is with the 30fps lock. Let’s not forget that we informed you about this awful lock that was present in NFS: The Run, The Force Unleashed 2 and L.A. Noire. And that is that.