Test Drive Unlimieted 3 teaser

NACON will officially reveal the next Test Drive Unlimited game on July 7th

Back in March 2020, we informed you about Kylotonn Games working on the next Test Drive Unlimited game. And today, the game’s official Twitter account revealed that NACON will officially unveil this game on July 7th.

NACON and Kylotonn Games have also released a teaser trailer for this announcement. Unfortunately, this teaser does not show much, so you can safely ignore it.

It’s worth noting that a few days ago, NACON teased this Test Drive Unlimited game. Below you can find the image that was featured in this teaser trailer. From the looks of it, this is an in-engine screenshot. Again, though, it does not show much.

Test Drive Unlimieted 3 teaser

Lastly, NACON will also reveal the next game from SPIDERS, the team behind Greedfall, Of Orcs and Men, Mars: War Logs and The Technomancer.