MW3 Report: Activision – Microsoft DLC deal since MW2, no co-development between Treyarch & Infinity

Have you ever wondered why Modern Warfare 3’s DLC becomes available first on X360? Most of you have already guessed it, a time-exclusive deal, right? But did you know that this deal between Activision and Microsoft has been going on since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Yeap, that’s right. According to Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, Activision and Microsoft made a  timed-exclusive DLC agreement for all Call of Duty titles, ever since MW2.
When a fan asked why PS3 doesn’t get MW3’s DLC at the same time with X360, Bowling said:
“Activision has a partnership agreement with Microsoft that includes a timed-exclusive for all DLC for Call of Duty ever since MW2.”
In addition, we’ve been wondering whether Infinity would co-work with Treyarch for a future COD title or not. Infinity has worked with Sledgehammer so a co-developed game by the two, main, studios responsible for the franchise could be interesting, right?
Well, apparently there are no such plans. Bowling revealed that the studios are dedicated to their 2-year cycles and are too busy with different games. Bowling said that the studios collaborate, but they won’t co-develop a COD game anytime soon. Bummer.
In other news, Bowling revealed that they’ve been discussing for a Hardcore HQ dedicated playlist and that it will – most probably – be coming next week.