Guild Wars 2 Surprise Tommorow; a possible announcement of GW2’s upcoming beta event?

Guild Wars 2 will finally hit PCs in 2012 and the press had the chance to test the game during the beta weekend. But what about all those die-hard fans of it? Well, good news everyone as NCSoft and ArenaNET have a nice surprise for you that will be unveiled tomorrow. Although the companies did not reveal any hints about this upcoming surprise, we can safely assume that it will be the announcement of an upcoming beta event. How we concluded to something like that? Keep reading to find out.
First things first though. A few hours ago, ArenaNET tweeted via the game’s Twitter account that they have a surprise for us:
“We have a surprise for you tomorrow, keep an eye on our social networks and website! Tell your friends to follow us as well!”
And now for the interesting part. A couple of days ago, Community Team Lead and German Community Manager for ArenaNet, Martin Kerstein, revealed in ArenaNET’s blog that they will have some very specific information about an upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta event that we will not want to miss.
So, here are the hints: upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta event, not want to miss, specific information soon, a surprise tomorrow.
Put all these together and you’ll get the bigger picture. As always, take these with a grain of salt as NCSoft and ArenaNET haven’t commented on these speculations.
One thing is for sure though: Guild Wars 2 fans will be pleased with this surprise.