Move Aside Goat Simulator, Here Comes Cat Simulator – Kickstarter & Steam Greenlight Campaigns Launched

Well, we all saw that coming, right? Game Teams Studio has just announced a new animal simulator. So, after Goat Simulator and Bear Simulator… here comes Cat Simulator. Hooray. Game Teams Studio will create this new simulator with the Unity engine, and has launched a Kickstarter and a Steam Greenlight campaign for it.

Cat Simulator is described as a fun third-person cat game. Your goal is to chase rats and mice, climb trees, eat, sleep, poop and do other things that cats do. Okay, I’m backing this project up as I will finally be able to poop like a cat. Greatness awaits.

Cat Simulator will also feature more realistic art and graphics, several different ways to customize your cat, more unlock-able cat abilities, different cat breeds and other animal friends, as well as multi-player and Oculus Rift support.

The game is currently in alpha stage and the team aims to raiseĀ $20K in order to pay the studio expenses until the game is done, acquire Unity engine licenses and improve the art, sounds and models.