Move Aside 7FRAMED – Video Was Pre-Rendered, Game Won’t Feature QTEs

To be honest, we were wondering whether we should use the above title or something similar to “Failness awaits – blah blah”. According to the development team of 7FRAMED, the video that was featured in its Kickstarter campaign was a pre-rendered target. Fair enough, the team never claimed that it was in-game footage. However, we strongly believe that the screenshots that were also released alongside the pre-rendered target video are also pre-rendered and not real-time.

As the team claimed when asked about the video:

“Hi everyone, just wanted to give you comments on what will be the game. For sure what you are seing is pre-rendered, we never claimed it was full in game. This is a targert game footage so everyone can understan the mood, tension and the storyline that you will be playing. NO QTE moments, and no interactive movie. This is going to be a first person shooter where you have full control over everything.”

If we compare the screenshots with the pre-rendered video, we can find some differences between them. What’s really interesting here is that the screenshots look better than the pre-rendered video. For example, we can notice additional water pools and more objects on screen.

Is the development team suggesting that the game will look better than its pre-rendered brother? And if so, why wasn’t this video rendered in real-time to showcase the game’s visuals? Hilarious if that’s what they are implying here.

We’d love to be proven wrong and see a tech demo running those scenes in real-time. So go ahead and prove us wrong devs. We want to be proven wrong on this one. And until that happens, we are a bit skeptic about this project.