Morrowind Rebirth feature

Morrowind Rebirth Version 4.8 is available for download

It’s been more than five years since our last look on the Morrowind Rebirth project. And since “trancemaster_1988” has released a brand new version, we thought it would be great to remind you about it.

Morrowind Rebirth is is a complete overhaul for Morrowind, adding countless new details, weapons, armors and much more for you to see and do. This project comes also packs new adventures, and comes with new exciting areas to see and explore, as well as new artifacts waiting to be discovered.

Morrowind Rebirth version 4.8 fixes numerous issues, comes with a number of landscape fixes and improvements, features two completely new plugins, enhances many of Morrowind’s unique armor and weapons, expands or improves most of the tombs on Vvardenfell and more.

Those interested can download this latest version of Morrowind Rebirth from here, and you can find its complete changelog below.

Morrowind Rebirth 4.8 Release Notes

Morrowind Fixes
* Fixed an iusse where the Key to Nchurdamz Doors had 6 duplicates due being put in a non-unique chest.

Morrowind Rebirth Fixes
* The owner of Magical Clothes in Balmora, Tolmse Samori, will now react properly if you try to steal her items.
* Fixed an issue where Bedene Andalara (publician) in Vivec Entrace, Ordinators Barracks didn’t have any gold.
* Fixed an issue where some NPCs in Vivec Entrance, Ordinators Barracks said that their name was “Ordinator”.
* Fixed an issue where Auriel’s bow enchantment was set “Cast On Strike” instead of “Cast on Use”.
* Fixed an issue where the holiday rumors for Morning Star didn’t work correctly.
* Fixed an issue where the Dwemer Bolt icon was facing the wrong direction
* Landscape fixes and improvements.
* Fixed typos.

Morrowind Rebirth Changes
* Some traders now have magical stars, bolts and arrows for sale, which previously were hard to come by except for in random drops.
* Voriplasms (Slimes) will no longer spawn in Tombs, but in a confined area in the Bitter Coast Region.
* Dwemer chests are now less likely to hold Dwemer armor.
* The creature ‘Slime’ has been renamed to ‘Voriplasm’.
* Landscape fixes and improvements.

Morrowind Rebirth Additions
* The various Ashlander tribes now provide travel services to other camps. To use this service you need to have reached the rank ‘Clanfriend’.
* A completely new plugin: Morrowind Rebirth – Birthsigns [Addon], making all birthsign changes optional.
* A completely new plugin: Morrowind Rebirth – Skills [Addon], making all skill changes optional.
* Minor additions to Ald Velothi.

Unique Weapons and Armor Overhaul
Many of Morrowind’s unique armor and weapons lacked unique models setting them appart from vanilla assets. With this overhaul I’ve gone through many of the uniques. So far the following have been tweaked:
* Staff of Carnal Channeling.
* Gothren’s Cephalopod Helm.
* Boots of Blinding Speed.
* Shield of the Undaunted.
* Erur-Dan’s Cuirass.
* Mountain Spirit.
* Shadow Shield.
* Widowmaker.
* The Icecap.
* Bloodworm.

Ancestral Tombs Overhaul
* An work in progress overhaul to expand or improve most of the tombs on Vvardenfell. This overhaul includes for example new areas, new loot and misc items. Note that not all tombs have been expanded as some are large enough, and were only in need of cluttering. As of now the following Tombs have been overhauled:
– Alen Ancestral Tomb (v 4.4)
– Andalen Ancestral Tomb (v 4.4)
– Andalor Ancestral Tomb (v 4.4)
– Andas Ancestral Tomb (v 4.4)
– Andavel Ancestral Tomb (v 4.4)
– Andrano Ancestral Tomb (v 4.4)
– Andrethi Ancestral Tomb (v 4.4)
– Andules Ancestral Tomb (v 4.4)
– Aralen Ancestral Tomb (v 4.4)
– Felas Ancestral Tomb (v 4.4)
– Ginith Ancestral Tomb (v 4.8)
– Llervu Ancestral Tomb (v 4.8)
– Othrelas Ancestral Tomb (v 4.8)
– Releth Ancestral Tomb (v 4.8)
– Samarys Ancestral Tomb (v 4.0)
– Seran Ancestral Tomb (v 4.8)
– Salothan Ancestral Tomb (v 4.8)
– Tharys Ancestral Tomb (v 4.8)
– Thelas Ancestral Tomb (v 4.8)
– Thiralas Ancestral Tomb (v 4.8)

Ebonheart Overhaul
* A complete overhaul of Ebonheart turning it into a fortified settlement including several new shops and other places of interest.

Gnaar Mok Overhaul
* A small overhaul of Gnaar Mok turning it into a walled settlement more influenced by House Hlaalu.

Khuul Overhaul
* A small overhaul of Khuul making it feel a bit more ‘settled’.

Bitter Coast Overhaul
* A small overhaul of the Bitter Coast region including:
* Landscape improvements, changes and fixes.
* New flora

Banking system
* You can now deposit and withdraw gold at the Petrocca Bank in Ebonheart. The banker also provides a bit of lore tied to the banks added by Tamriel Rebuilt.

New Weapons
* Arrow of God’s Fire
* Arrow of God’s Frost
* Arrow of God’s Shock
* Bolt of God’s Fire
* Bolt of God’s Frost
* Bolt of God’s Shock
* Arrow of Elements
* Bolt of Elements
* Dire Flamestar
* Dire Viperstar
* Dire Shardstar
* Dire Sparkstar
* Flamecaller
* Stormbringer
* Spinebreaker
* Kneecapper
* Poisonfang

New Armor
* Crabshell Helm

New Artifacts
* Spirit Drinker
* Ripper

New Potions
* Potion of Elements: Bargain
* Potion of Elements: Cheap
* Potion of Elements: Standard
* Potion of Elements: Quality
* Potion of Elements: Exclusive

New Ingredients
* Crab Pudding
* Guar Sausage


* Voriplasm (Slime) speed from 7 to 20.
* Hill Giant speed from 45 to 55.
* Jotun speed from 35 to 45.

Spells (general)
* All custom restore attribute spells have had their duration set to 1. Previously they restored 5-20 x 30 seconds, which is complete overkill and probably not the effect that was intended.

Spells (base cost)
* Restore Attribute base cost from 1.2 to 20.

* Several buffs to artifact (weapons) enchantments including completely revised enchantments for Auriel’s Shield and Auriel’s Bow.

* Seyda Neen now has a unique banner, instead of a generic ‘Welcome’ banner.
* New model, texture and icon for Sweet Release.
* New model and icon for Thief, Mage, and Fighter rings.
* New model and icon for Dwemer Dagger.
* New texture and icon for Huntsman Bolt
* New texture and icon for Human Heart.
* New model for the Centurion Blademaster.
* Fixed over 50 UV/texture issues.