Morrowind Overhaul Patch 1.3 Is Out Now

We know that you can’t wait to get your hands on Skyrim. Hell, neither can we but since it won’t be out anytime soon, here is something else to keep you busy. As the title suggests – and in case you were unaware of, Morrowind Overhaul is a mod that enhances the graphics and audio of Morrowind. There have been two patches so far and KingPix, the driving force behind this overhaul, released today a new one. You can view its entire changelog, as well as a trailer to get an idea of what Morrowind can look like after the jump.
Morrowind Overhaul Patch 1.3 Changelog:
– Atmospheric Sounds Effects instead of Expanded Sounds
– Better Sounds included and tweaked to be compatible with ASE.
– Tweaked and corrected MIT file for Morrowini.exe
– Refined Lighting
– Some performance and stability improvements
– Many, many other minor texture and meshes fixes
– Fixed some missing textures around the world
– Vanilla Heads Option
– Typos corrected
– Water Level Fix removed: included in MCP 2.0
– Fixted a lot of floating trees near Vivec
– FIM’s Better Spell Effects
– On The Rocks full updated
– PS Sort Icon bug fixed
– Removed Balmora Un-Mod
– Better Mesh Plus Optimization
– Detailed and Reflecting Armor (Optional)
– Detailed Armor fixed and optional
– SWG Skies v4 Skydome BETA
– Retextured some plants
– Vivec Temple Water deleted in NO MGE setting (MGE is required to run that water)
– Iron Armor fixed in Detailed And Reflecting Armor
– Morrowind Code Patch 2.0
– Better Picks ‘n’ Probes
– Thy Spirits Thy Lords
– Cave Texture Fix Updated
– Poorly Placed Object Fix
– Underwater Static Replacer
– Texture Fix Updated to 2.0
– Better Scamps
– Ebonheart Fix Updated to 1.1
– Papill6n various graphics things
– Djangos Rugs and Tapestries
– Jericho’s Better Soul Gems 2.0
– Removed Animated Soulgems
– Plangkye’s Partial Female Cuirass Replacer (+ reflecting armors tweaked by me)
– Unique Jewelry and Accessories UJA Updated to 2.3
– Better Spells Compilation
– New Variations for Ashlands Trees (wolli and Vurt)
– Sail Cloth Retexture SCR Updated with improved UV Map
– Corrected Meshes
– New sounds *almost* everything
Those interested can download this overhaul from here.
Morrowind Overhaul - Sounds & Graphics