Mommy’s Best Games ask for donations from those who downloaded Serious Sam Double D’s pirated version

Now here is something really interesting and unexpected. Instead of starting complaining about piracy, Mommy’s Best Games – the team behind Serious Sam Double D – announced that they are taking donations from all those that pirated their game and liked it. Now that’s why we love indie developers as they are the only ones that can come up with this kind of clever ideas. So if you pirated the game and still want to give credit to the team for their effort, you don’t have to buy it. You can simply make a donation. Cool right?
According to the official statement, Serious Sam Double D was released on PC for $7.99 on August 30th around 1pm EST and within about 5 hours a crack by the “Theta” group showed up on the web. That seems pretty good in terms of interest in the game to have a crack out that quickly. But the team is worried that some of the gamers downloading the game and enjoying it may not have yet purchased a copy as well.
Additionally, Mommy’s Best Games realize that there is no demo of the game currently but they promised to release one shortly. They also realize that even with a limited demo, some gamers may download the crack of the game to try it out with no demo restrictions to see if they like the whole thing.
Mommy’s Best Games concluded:
“I’d simply like to plead with you that if downloaded a crack of Serious Sam Double D and enjoyed it, please buy a copy or donate! Thanks!”
So if you enjoyed the pirated version, make a simple donation at the game’s official website.