Official Hard Reset v1.0 Release Notes; Incoming full support for Eyefinity/3dVision

As we reported earlier yesterday, there is a Day-One patch for Hard Reset and today we bring you its release notes. As we said, the patch adds a FOV and a ‘Fast-Menu’ option. Additionally, it improved loading times between levels and fixes various issues concerning level geometry. The company has also promised to implement a full support mode for Eyefinity/3dVision. You can view the entire changelog after the jump.
Hard Reset v1.0 Changelog:
1. Added a FOV slider in Menu>Options>Video
2. Added a Fast Menu option in the Main Menu
3. Fixed a Crash – while in game, Video Options, with any of the expandable menus open, after pressing ESC the game crashed.
4. Due to various bugs we removed the ability to use console commands FOR THE TIME BEING. When we’ll deal with the bugs (mostly saving the current AI state issues) we will reimplement console commands.
5. Fixed compatibility issue with _____x1200 Vertical resolution in menus.
6. Implemented German Steam achievements.
7. Fixed various localisation issues.
8. Improved loading times between levels.
9. Added different tabs in Load Game menu for each difficulty level separately.
10 Removed the Benchmark as it was especially designed for the free Demo version. If you want we will reimplement the Benchmark in the upcoming patch.
11. Improved in-game video replay.
12. Added 6 additional checkpoints throughout the game.
13. Fixed an issue with the profile system – Video Options will now be correctly applied after changing from a Steam profile to a Local one.
14. Fixed various issues concerning level geometry.