Modern Warfare 3 Dev Tried To Manipulate MetaCritic’s Score, Got Flamed By His Fans

And after Telltale, here comes Sledgehammer in an attempt to manipulate the MetaCritic score of Modern Warfare 3. What’s even funnier here though is that Glen Schofield, the general manager of Sledgehammer Games, tweeted and prompted the game’s fan to post great scores for Modern Warfare 3. So, instead of doing it himself, he kindly asked his fans and followers to do his dirty work. That’s hilarious and shows that everyone is so obsessed with a game’s score, even though that particular game sells like hot cakes.
As Glen tweeted:
“I don’t usually do this but, if u like MW3 go 2 & help our user score. It’s suspiciously low. Be honest but help if u agree.”
Seriously Glen? Naturally, the backlash was immediate and even the game’s fans flamed Glen for his behavior. Now thereĀ is nothing really wrong with rallying your fans using social media tools like Twitter. However, there is a big difference between indie devs and triple-A studios like Sledgehammer or Infinity Ward. Especially when MW3 is already breaking world records with its sales.
Once greedy, always a greedy I guess. But what do you think? Should triple-A studios use the social media tools to rally their fans or not?