Modders Durante and Clement join forces – DSFix 1.5 for Dark Souls PC features a target FPS option

We love modders and we are really happy when we see a collaboration between them. Dark Souls modders Durante and Clement decided to join forces and DSFix 1.5 is the first fruition of this collab. As you may have guessed, the DSFix addresses the internal resolution that was locked – when the game came out – and adds support for SSAO and SMAA. However, this new DSFix also includes an option for those who want to override the game’s locked 30fps option.
DSFix 1.5 comes with an option to set the desired target FPS of the game in the .ini. This means that you can set your framerate at anything you like. Can’t maintain 60fps and want to avoid sudden framedrops? Go ahead and put the FPS target to 45. This is one of the best things ever, and was implement thanks to the collab between Durante and Clement.
Moreover, this new version of DSFix fixes an issue with SSAO being rendered on top of particle effects/fog/water, instead of below them, improves the method used to determine when in the render pipeline to apply SMAA/SSAO and tweaks the SSAO parameters a bit. Furthermore, it is also included a more robust renderstate management, which may fix the random display corruption issue people have been sporadically reporting ever since SMAA was included.
Last but not least, Durante said that he could mostly maintain 60 FPS at 1080p, 810 DoF with DoF blur 1, SMAA 4 and SSAO 2 (on an i7 920 at 3.6 GHz and a 660ti).
Enjoy and God bless modders for supporting those games so much and putting to shame their own developers and publishers!