Half Life 2 feature

Modders are demaking Half Life 2 in Half-Life’s GoldSource Engine, demo is now available for download

Now here is an interesting idea. Sockman111 and his team is currently demaking Half-Life 2 in Half Life’s GoldSource Engine. While there have been other such attempts in the past, this one may actually see the light of day. And if it does not, players will at least be able to get a taste of it as Sockman111 has released a demo of it.

As said, this is a pretty cool idea. Sockman111’s team is composed of 5 people, so – realistically speaking – I don’t expect them to finish this project. Still, we can only hope that they will be able to finish a large portion of the game.

The team is also currently debating whether it should stick close to Half-Life 2’s graphics, or whether it should downgrade them on purpose. Moreover, the team may release optional high-res models for the hd model pack, while keeping the base game’s models low-res.

This demake sounds exciting to say the least, and you can download its demo from here.

Have fun!

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