WRC 7 – First Impressions + 4K Screenshots + PC Gameplay Footage

WRC 7 is a new rally game from Kylotonn Games. Now I will be honest here; I didn’t expect much from it as I was really disappointed by both WRC 5 and 6. However, this year’s offering is actually a decent arcade/sim rally racing game. So, below you can find our first impressions of it, accompanied by some 4K screenshots and two gameplay videos.

According to Kylotonn Games, WRC 7 features improved car physics,  enhanced road surfaces and changes to the level design, resulting in roads that are even more realistic. And to be honest, those claims are legit. WRC 7 feels way better than WRC 5 and 6, though it’s not as sim-ish as DiRT Rally or Richard Burns Rally.

WRC 7 is a really enjoyable rally game. The game’s handling forgives a lot of mistakes, which is one of the reasons why this latest WRC game is fun to play. WRC 7 feels like a great mix of arcade and simulation. It’s not as hardcore as the two big boys we mentioned earlier, however it’s not as arcade as SEGA Rally or WRC 6.

The game comes with a variety of game modes, however we strongly believe that its driving mechanics and gameplay are what we should be focusing on. And Kylotonn has done an amazing work. With our Logitech MOMO Racing wheel we were able to push the cars to their limits right from the start. As such, new players will not encounter any major difficulties. And if they do, the game comes with some assists for those that are not familiar with racing games. However, this does not mean that WRC 7 isn’t a challenging game. It’s very easy to make mistakes that will cost you valuable seconds or minutes. And that’s perhaps what differentiates WRC 7 from its predecessors. Thanks to its new car physics, WRC 7 is fun and challenging, and not frustrating or boring.

WRC 7 - First Try - PC Max Settings - Logitech MOMO Racing

Now I have to admit that I was incredibly disappointed with the game’s visuals. There are a lot of low-resolution textures across various surfaces/objects, the weather effects are as old-gen-ish as they can get, the crowd is old-gen-ish, and the environmental detail is not up to what we’d expect from a current-gen racing game. There is also something ‘wrong‘ with the lighting that makes the game feel unnatural and bland, especially when there is no sunlight.

Seriously, WRC 7 is not a great looking title and the visual differences between WRC 3 (the last WRC game I enjoyed) and WRC 7 are not THAT big, despite the fact that WRC 3 was released for old-gen platforms and WRC 7 is available for current-gen platforms. I mean sure, WRC 7 looks better but it does not feel like a generation leap over WRC 3.

So yeah, while WRC 7 does not feature awesome visuals, it remains an enjoyable rally racing game. That is of course if you have a wheel. The game does support gamepads and keyboard, however we strongly suggest using a wheel for this title. Since we’re not getting a lot of these games, we strongly suggest getting it if you are fans of the genre. If you are not, you can go ahead and take a look at our gameplay videos and decide for yourselves.

As always, for viewing purposes we’ve resized the images to 1080p. Those interested can download the 4K uncompressed images from here.


WRC 7 - Good Driving - PC Max Settings - Logitech MOMO Racing