Modder is working to fix Vanquish’s FPS related damage PC issues, first alpha version available

As we’ve already reported, the PC version of Vanquish suffers from some really weird damage issues that are due to its unlocked framerate. And even though Little Stone Software has not commented yet on this, Reddit’s member ‘Methanhydrat‘ is currently working on a temporary fix.

This mod scales the invulnerability frames and the regeneration time according to the FPS, and is currently available in an experimental. As such, we strongly suggest backing up your files before trying it.

Moreover, this mod does not fix all of the game’s problems. According to Methanhydrat, other gameplay aspects, such as the boost recharge, are also in some way coupled to the frame rate, albeit not as severely.

Still, and until Little Stone Software releases an official fix for it, we suggest giving this mod a go.

Those interested can download it from here!