MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet To Be Showcased At Gamescom 2013

Infernum announced today that during this year’s Gamescom, it will offer first glimpses into the brand new Frontier System of the fantasy MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet that will launch with more than 300 unique dragons, action-based combat and epic cross-server PvP battles on September 18th.
In addition, the company revealed some of the changes that will be featured in the game’s patch. According to the press release, this update (that is planned for release next week) will implement bug fixes, improve the balancing and introduce new functionalities.
Among the aforementioned features, this update will also include:
-Redesign and extension of the interface for improved handling and overview
-New items and revised loot, stats and attribute systems
-New Dragon Sanctuary including an altar of sacrifice allowing guilds to summon particularly rewarding enemies
-Fafnir in-game event
-New pets that can collect loot
-Performance improvements through detection algorithms and engine improvements
-Introduction of an in-game browser
-New styling interface
-Improved main storyline
Enjoy the following trailer and screenshots!


Dragon's Prophet - Feature Trailer HD (PC)