Miner Wars 2081 will support Oculus Rift; will get post-launch DLC

Marek Rosa, the creative director of Miner Wars 2081, announced that Keen Software’s 6DOF game will support the Oculus Rift Project and will bring VR to the VRAGE engine. According to Marek, Keen Software is proud to be supporting the Oculus Rift Project as its in-house VRAGE Engine – which powers Miner Wars: 2081 – is already scheduled to implement TrackIR headtracking to better allow players to be immersed in the game.
Keen Software is taking it a step further this time and are scheduling some modifications to our engine that will not only support the Oculus Rift but perhaps future VR equipment as well. The Oculus Rift looks perfect for space games, and the company feels that Mine Wars 2081 is the perfect 6DoF game to test it on.
With Head-Tracking and the addition of Stereo Displays compatibilty, Keen Software expects players to be able to experience a richer Miner Wars 2081 immersion. The Oculus Rift support also means that the company will be polishing the cockpits in places they thought people would never look, and players may start using the side windows tactically in ways that they never initially intended.
Marek concluded that Keen Software feels this project is perfect for its type of game.
“It will bring the six degrees of freedom feel that virtual reality units are traditionally attracted to! So we’re stocking up on our whips, forcing our 3D artists to model things behind and under the ‘viewport’.”
Keen Software is also considering adding FreeTracking to its engine. FreeTracking will allow for many of those who want the immersive quality of headtracking or VR but aren’t yet able to spend quite the money on the equipment. This may also allow ways for those who want to play with large stereo displays (like in movies) without having to require head-gear for the player.
Keen Software has also revealed that Miner Wars 2081 will get post-launch DLC support.
Those interested can download Miner Wars 2081’s demo and give it a go.
In other news, Hawken will also support the Oculus Rift Project.