Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event – Live Blog Reporting

Microsoft’s Windows 10 event has just started. Therefore, we’ve decided to live blog and report the most important details from it. Naturally, expect separate posts for new games that may – or may not – be announced during this event. Microsoft’s Windows 10 event will last two hours, and those interested can watch it live here. Enjoy!

-Terry Myerson steps on the scene
-Windows 10 will have a start bar.
-Seamless transition from Windows 7 and 8 to 10.
-1.7 million insiders. 800K pieces of feedback. 200K topics shared.
-Free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1 for the first year.
-Start Menu Can Go Fullscreen
-Windows 10 will elegantly transform on the fly from tablet version to desktop version
-Cortana being showcased, running on Windows 10 PC
-Office Apps showcased running on Windows 10 for touch devices
-New Browser announced, codenamed Project Spartan
-Project Spartan has new rendering engine, new look, and new features
project spartan
-Project Spartan showcased running on PC
-Cortana will help you while browsing the Internet (in before using her for kinky reasons)
-Phil Spencer steps on the scene to talk about gaming on Windows 10
-Gaming on PC will be more social and interactive
-Xbox App announced for Windows 10 and showcased
-Crosstalk between PC and Xbox apps
-Windows 10 DVR functionality demoed, similar to Shadowplay. Allows you to capture the last seconds of your game. Works with all games
-Spencer starts talking about DirectX
-DX12 showcased
-50% performance increase promised with DX12 on CPU bound games
-Hundreds of studios adopting DX12 (Epic Games and Unity among them)
-Fable Legends announced for Windows 10 PC
-Xbox One games to be streamed on Windows 10 devices
-New build of Windows 10 coming next week for insiders
-Microsoft creates HoloStudio to enable users to make their own holograms
-Microsoft HoloLens demonstrated

-Shows ends