Microsoft will offer a simple layer to devs so they can implement multi-GPU support in DX12 games

Microsoft has announced that it will offer a new abstraction layer for game developers to utilize for multiple GPU support in their DX12 games. This will allow developers to take advantage of multiple GPUs on a system with only minimal coding, something that will definitely please a lot of PC gamers.

Do note that while this layer will enable multi-GPU support, developers seeking to unlock the full potential of multi-GPUs will still need to implement Explicit Multi Adaptor properly.

It will be interesting to see whether this simple layer will allow multiple GPUs from different vendors work together.

Microsoft claimed that it is currently making some final tweaks and doing additional testing.

This new abstraction layer will be made available soon, and Microsoft will also be publishing two mGPU sample projects along with it – one using the layer and one not using the layer.