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Microsoft: PC Gamers can expect “more focus” from us

During this year’s GDC, Xbox boss Phil Spencer claimed that Microsoft will start focusing – yet again – on PC gaming. As Phil Spencer said, PC gamers can expect more focus from Microsoft in the PC gaming space. And while the company has made such statements in the past, we have to admit that DX12 is a game changer. So yeah, things may turn good this time around… or not?

Phil Spencer also praised Valve and Steam, and described Steam as the backbone of PC gaming for the past ten years. Spencer admitted that Steam has “focused on PC gaming more, in a lot of ways, than Microsoft has,” that “it’s important to invest in [PC gaming] in a real way,” and that PC gamers can expect to see “tier-1 initiatives for PC gaming from Microsoft beginning this summer.”

Now I can’t recall how many times we’ve heard this thing from Microsoft, though we have to admit that DX12 is BIG for PC gaming. Yes, it took MS a while – and we are certain that Mantle was something that pushed MS towards that low-level access direction – but that’s irrelevant. DX12 will be a game changer, will be supported by a big range of GPUs, and will reduce CPU overhead.

Let’s see now whether Microsoft will invest in PC gaming. It will be also interesting to see whether PC gamers will get some Xbox exclusive games (remember that Halo 3 Steam application ID? ).

Enjoy and stay tuned for more. Kudos to Gamespot for spotting this information!