Regiments feature

MicroProse’s upcoming RTS, Regiments, will release on August 16th

MicroProse has announced that its new Cold War RTS, Regiments, will release on August 16th. In order to celebrate this announcement, the company has also released a new trailer that you can find below.

In this real-time strategy game, players will be able to break through the lines, call in artillery, maneuver, feign retreats, stage defenses, and counter-attack.

Here are also the game’s key features:

  • Several dynamic operations, encompassing warfare around the Inner German border
  • Three distinct skirmish modes with varied, dynamic objectives
  • Aggressive, competent AI that can challenge experienced RTS players
  • On-the-fly force customization, rewarding adaptability, and creativity
  • Deep game mechanics, simulating the Cold War era mechanized fight with great detail
  • Four key Cold War Factions: Soviet Union, USA, West Germany, and East Germany
  • Visceral visual effects, bringing the WWIII to your screen in all its terrifying glory
  • Over 60 authentic vehicles modeled, combined into a multitude of different formations. Deploy such iconic vehicles as Leopard 2, T-72M or M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
  • Smooth learning curve and high accessibility even to novice RTS players
  • Refined controls that make commanding hundreds of soldiers a breeze


Regiments Announcement Date Trailer