Metro: Last Light Confirmed For PS4, SDK May Get Released, Five DLCs Planned

Metro Last Light
Metro: Last Light has gone Gold, and it seems that 4A Games and Deep Silver have big plans for this new Metro game. According to an interview with the Ukrainian tech website itcchannel, Metro: Last Light will be coming to PS4 and a multiplayer game based on Metro: Last Light will be released as a separate title.
According to 4A Games, an SDK for Metro: Last Light may get released. This will be amazing – in case it happens – as it will bring lots of mods to this new Metro title, something that a lot of our readers have been asking for.
4A Games also confirmed that Metro: Last Light will receive five DLCs. Naturally, it is said that development in these DLCs started after the completion of the base game. These five DLCs will be different story missions from the point of view of other characters.
As we said earlier, the multiplayer mode of Metro: Last Light will be released as a separate game. It is said that Deep Silver and 4A Games plan to release this standalone MP game at least half a year after the release of Metro: Last Light.
4A Games also hinted at a Season Pass, though it has not confirmed it yet.
You can view the complete interview below. Kudos to Metro: Last Light’s forum member ‘Komodo Saurian’ for translating some parts from it.
Интервью на ITC.UA [24.04.2013]