Metal Gear Fan Remake Cancelled, Gets Raw “Unfinished” Trailer

Well, that was to be expected. A fan-made remake of Metal Gear was being developed and Konami has decided to send the team a C&D letter. In short, this project has been cancelled and won’t be released. What’s really interesting is that a lot of industry professionals were involved with this project.

As the team noted, David Hayter was helping with the script and the following industry professionals participated:

-Adhem Belkhadra from Ubisoft (Gears of War, Just Dance, the Cursed Crusade, etc.) working on the level mapping.
-Kaue Lemos from Insane Games (Earth Under Seige, Bubble Up, etc.) working on the sound effects.
-Orion Acaba (Fire Emblem, Infamous series, etc.) working on the voice acting.
-Paul Eiding (Roy Campbell) was also on board in a cameo.

The team has also shared a video from this remake for Metal Gear that can be viewed below.


Metal Gear - Presentation Trailer 2014 (Unfinished)