Max Payne 3 PC will support 3D Vision and numeral graphical options

After revealing that Max Payne 3 will support DX11 and tessellation, Rockstar has issued a press release in which they have also unveiled that the PC version will support both Nvidia’s 3D Vision and numeral graphical options. However – and given the fact that the company stated that the 3D functionality will be optional – we can assume that the game won’t be a 3D-Ready title. Moreover, we all remember the SLI/CrossFire issues that plagued GTA IV, so it will be interesting to see how Max Payne 3 performs with such PC configurations. It will also be interesting to see whether or not there will be a FOV setting in the supported graphical options.
As Rockstar stated in their press release:
“The game was designed to take advantage of all opportunities offered by the PC. These include a higher frame rate, more detailed graphics, precise control with mouse and keyboard, large individual settings for graphics and controls, and optional 3D functionality for still deeper immersion into the gaming world.”
Max Payne 3 is currently slated for a June release on the PC!