Mass Effect 3 fans, rejoice; game is unlocked in Asian countries, FLYVPN works, BioWare won’t ban you

And the time has finally come. Mass Effect 3 has just been unlocked in Asian countries. Naturally, PC gamers won’t have to wait until Thursday or Friday as they can use FLYVPN to unlock it earlier. And it bloody works guys. This is pretty much a ‘must-have’ tool and an essential workaround as the European version is slated for a March 9th release. 
Not only that, but BioWare won’t ban you for activating your game earlier. The company has just stated that players who resort to FLYVPN won’t be banned for it. However, BioWare doesn’t have to encourage this kind of behaviour by allowing such discussion in their forums, therefore don’t go bragging about it.
Just activate and enjoy. It’s time to finish your fight!
We’ve included a ‘How To Activate’ video from YouTube’s member ‘MontagesnMore’. Although the video is for BF3, the method is the same and for Mass Effect 3.